Fees & Results

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Fees & Results


We believe fees should be based on results for the client, rather than hours billed by the lawyer.  We will first attempt to establish a result-oriented fee arrangement that will enable us to work in concert with our client.  We will determine at the outset whether or not the fee includes costs and expenses.


Most lawyers don’t try cases. About 95% of cases filed are settled and not tried. We are committed to the proposition that the best results – whether settlement or trial – are obtained by lawyers who have demonstrated the ability and the willingness to actually try cases. It is our policy to accept an opportunity to go to trial.


The key to success at the bargaining table or winning at trial is preparation. The firm has developed its own system for case preparation. We don’t like surprises. After a case has gone through the firm’s system, it’s ready to settle or try.

Law Firm Personnel

The firm is organized to enable trained and courteous non-lawyers to provide trial support and preparation under appropriate instruction and supervision.

Expert Witnesses

Our cases are often technical and require testimony from those with specialized knowledge and training. We avoid expert witnesses who have a predetermined bias for one side. We work with state and national authorities who have earned respect from both sides of the table. They are asked to first objectively determine if a case has merit. If so, we then prosecute the case to its fullest.


The firm has obtained some of the largest verdicts and tried some of the most important cases in the Tenth Judicial Circuit. In addition to the three-county Tenth Judicial Circuit, Robin Gibson has obtained trial verdicts in judicial circuits for Miami, Tampa, Jacksonville, West Palm Beach, Sarasota, Plant City, Bradenton, Dade City, Gainesville, Tallahassee and Orlando.

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